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Sitagliptin Phosphate Set to Soar in Sales

(Pub. 11th July, 2012)

Sitagliptin Phosphate, also known as Januvia, was recently touted as a future   billion dollar boon for the pharmaceutical industry. On June 26, 2012 Evaluate Pharma revealed it's World Preview 2018 projections, giving a nod to Merck's Januvia. With an estimated 10 billion dollars in annual sales, Januvia (Sitagliptin Phosphate) is forecasted to be a top player in the global pharmaceutical market. With the patent for Januvia set to expire on April 24, 2017, researchers and developers are seeking to capitalize on the future generic versions of Sitagliptin Phosphate.

As an oral diabetes medication which helps control blood sugar levels, Sitagliptin Phosphate is effectual at regulating the levels of insulin in the body which are produced after eating. Specifically for patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Sitagliptin Phosphate is not applicable for the treatment of patients with Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes. Currently offered in 25, 50 and 100 milligram tablets, Sitagliptin Phosphate is a standard treatment for adult-onset or non insulin-dependent diabetes. In the United States alone, 90-95 percent of the cases of Diabetes are Type 2, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This number translates into one out of every ten adults in the U.S., but predictions from the CDC are ominous. By the year 2050 the CDC estimates that nearly one out of every three adults in the United States could have Type 2 Diabetes, putting the medical and pharmaceutical industry under great demands.

Genetic susceptibility is also being considered by researchers who are studying the development of Type 2 Diabetes in specific populations and groups worldwide. For example, the Israeli Circassians, a small community comprised of both culturally and genetically homogeneous people, has high rates of Type 2 Diabetes. In a study published by the Israeli Medical Association, 450 women and 289 men from the Circassian community participated in a study to determine their risk factors and prevalence for Type 2 Diabetes. Of these participants information was gleaned which showed obese participants with a family history of Type 2 Diabetes had double the chance of getting the disease. Age, BMI, smoking and triglyceride counts factored into the rates, but by far the family history proved to be the most important risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes. With a probable genetic epidemiology for Type 2 Diabetes, as well as the western diet adopted in many countries worldwide, cases of this crippling disease are sure to amass.

Promising data emerged at the 61st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America which indicated Januvia (Sitagliptin Phosphate) shined in studies centered around elderly patients. Blood sugar levels in the elderly patient participants with Type 2 Diabetes who received Sitagliptin Phosphate was significantly reduced, and did not lead to hypoglycemia. Merck presented the results of this 24-week randomized and double-blind study at the meeting, which was  comprised of  206 patients between 65 to 96 years of age. The concern for the adverse effect of hypoglycemia, which is common in the elderly population taking anti diabetic medications, was quelled. There was not one report of hypoglycemia in the participants, both in the Sitagliptin Phosphate and the placebo groups.

The clinical development of Sitagliptin Phosphate is robust, with Merck estimating that approximately 7,400 patients have been treated with Sitagliptin Phosphate. Of those patients, approximately 2,300 patients have been treated with Sitagliptin Phosphate for more than one year and, of these, approximately 500 patients have been treated for at least two years. These statistics are reassuring for scientists creating future generic formulations of Sitagliptin Phosphate, and also for the future patients who will be seeking treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

YES Pharma is proud to be a leading supply source for Sitagliptin Phosphate API (CAS# : 486460-32-6, 654671-77-9, 654671-78-0) to several global pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutes, while recognizing that we play a significant part in promoting the struggle against Diabetes. The Sitagliptin Phosphate that YES Pharma supplies is intended for laboratory R&D use only.

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